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Stephen Marshall

Web & Graphic Designer, Yoga teacher, Musician, Entrepreneur

Hi! My name is Stephen, I'm 33 and live in Denver, Colorado. I was borned in France, grew up in Washington D.C., and moved to the Rockies 8 years ago. In addition to my passion as a yoga teacher and musician, I've been building websites for over 5 years. While working in sales for nearly a decade, I began building websites to promote and market my own services and businesses. In my late twenties, I began to pursue more meaningful work with non-profits and as a teacher of both languages and yoga.

Whether you're selling a product or service, or you're a healer or a teacher, everyone needs a website. If you're an artist you need to showcase and sell your work. Musicians need to tell everyone about their upcoming concerts or album release. Massage Therapists or Yoga teachers like myself might provide services at a variety of locations, and need a website to let their students and clients know where to find them outside of the home studio.

I specialize in helping out healers, artists, yoga & fitness instructors, non-profits, and local businesses in the Denver Metro area. I operate independently and will personally assist you with your website project, and If I am interested in your services, I can work for trade in part or in full. I can also help you build, update, or maintain your existing website. Let me share my knowledge and expertise with you.

Your message can create big changes. Our aim is to help you spread the word, and with your success we can change the world around us. To continue our support, we've teamed up with Yogis Who Give to make changes in our community both locally and globally. Currently, YWG has partnered with A Precious Child to support disadvantaged youth and adults in Colorado.


I can show you how to customize a simple template, get you where you need to be on your Wordpress site, or help out if you're having trouble on a pagebuilding program like Wix or Squarespace. All the training and tutorials you need are out there on the internet, and I can help you navigate through the vast ocean of information so you can teach yourself the skills to update and maintain your website.

Over the years, I've taught myself to use Adobe Photoshop for images, layout and logo design. Adobe's Dreamweaver is an easy way to implement code, and through this I learned HMTL and CSS coding. Adding in Bootstrap lets me get a modern look with scrolling images, carousel features, and animation.

Adobe Suite

Exp 6 years


Exp 5 years


Exp 2 years

Programming Skills

It's now easier than ever to build your own website using a pre-built template that you can customize to your liking. Depending on your project, I can help you go live in a few hours! I can also support you in a page-bulding program like Wix or Squarespace. While these have their merits, ultimately you have no control over the code that runs your website, giving you less ability to customize the look and feel of your site, and sometimes costing more money in subscription fees than a conventional site.

Of course, we can start from scratch with a custom design to give you the exact look, feel and control over your site that you need. What I hope to prove is that if you let me show you the basics of how to implement HTML, CSS, and a little bit of Javascript and PHP, you can manipulate and customize tempaltes and code to save lots of time and money, and giving you the freedom to continue to updated and maintain your site.

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10 Years Experience!

I have made many stops along the way to becoming a web designer. While working in sales, I first started building my own websites around 2010 to help promote my various business ideas. It was also around this time that I started working towards a greater purpose and volunteering with local non-profit organizations serving the at-risk youth population. As I transitioned toward teaching languages (French, English), tutoring High School students, and eventually becoming a yoga teacher, I've found more and more need for websites where I can promote my own independent businesses.


2005 - 2012
Having worked in sales for a variety of different industries including real estate, home improvement, fitness, marketing services etc. I know what your prospective customers are looking for.


2007 - 2015
Non-profits do so much to support our local community, and some have very few resources at their disposal. I am committed to offering my services at a discount to those who do the same for others.

Music & Art

1996 - 2015
I've been playing in bands since I was 14. You need a website that's easy to maintain. If you don't have control over regular updates to add photos, new artwork, or your upcoming gigs, then I can help you get organized.

Yoga & Fit

2011 - 2015
As a yoga teacher and fitness professional, I know the need to market yourself to build your following. Let me help spread the word about your class schedule updates, other modalities you teach, and other healing services or products.


My clients include yoga instructors, artits, healers, and friends. Coming soon are websites for local Denver healers and massage therapist, a bandpage for Sol Authority, as well as a new template made specifically for yoga teachers!



Stephen Marshall
5201 S. Fox St, Unit #302
Littleton, CO 80120 USA


(301) 233-5449