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Stephen behind Art from Ashes Spring of 2011

Stephen Marshall

Full Stack React Developer, Data Visualization Analyst

Hello! My name is Stephen, I live in Littleton, Colorado and currently work full-time as Data Visualization Analyst on the business intelligence team with Denver travel startup FareHarbor. I was born in France, grew up in Washington DC, moved to Colorado in 2007, and I've been building websites since I moved from Boulder to Denver in 2011. Previously working in sales for nearly a decade, I've been exposed to number of industries, including real-estate, education, and fitness. While the original focus of this portfolio site was to showcase my work as a freelance web designer/developer from around 2012 - 2018, after completing the Full Stack Web Developer program through University of Denver I've gone full time, and begun to shift my focuse towards Data Visualization, Analytics, and on the track to becoming a full-stack developer and data scientist.

Throughout 2020 I'll be back at DU for the Data Visualization and Analytics program to deepen my skills in the back-end and learn more tricks with Python, AI, and Machine Learning. While I started out building websites for side ventures and helping out friends, artists, musicians, and yoga & fitness instructors as you will see in my portfolio, I continue to support non-profits and local businesses in the Denver Metro area with organizing and wrangling data. I won't be taking on any new private clients until my cohort at DU wraps up this fall, but feel free to Contact Me with questions or to setup a consultation.

The number one product of this current generation is data. With so much of it out there, how can it be organized, structured, queried, and maintained to make an analysis and grow business? With no programming expertise, you might find yourself in a mess of spreadsheets and scattered sources....which might be fine until you need to use the data to prove your success to your funders or upper management!

To make sure the ones who need this service the most are getting the help they need, I volunteer with non-profit Youth On Record. We will soon be launching a digital mapping initiative to showcase their community impact. Click Here to see the prototype map, and the beginnings of PostgreSQL Database schema that I've open-sourced on Github

Skill Summary

I started out building websites in Dreamweaver and using Photoshop and the Adobe Suite to manipulate images and create logos, business cards, flyers and marketing materials for ventures and side businesses. From here it was a quick jump to hard coding my first website in HTML and CSS back in 2011. Learning to work with Bootstrap was a game changer, and with responsive design came JavaScript and jQuery. I worked on and off as a freelancer for several years, and during this time became an avid yoga practitioner and teacher. So many of my peers needed websites to promote their classes and book private clients for yoga, massage, or other side businesses, and I found I had a knack for working with clients, assessing their needs, and managing the website build process from design all the way through to deployment.

Since completing my full stack developer training with University of Denver, I have moved on to working full time in the business. I now do most front-end work in React, and while I occasionally use bootstrap or material UI I often prefer building my own user interface from scratch with CSS or CSS-in-JS. I've worked with a lot of 'live data' to query a database (usually PostgreSQL), and run a function to fetch the latest dataset on a time interval to keep multiple dashboards running around the clock. I've also worked with a lot of maps, from Mapbox and the Uber Visualization suite, as well as GeoJSON and TopoJSON processng with D3.js.

On the back-end I can generate datasets with SQL queries, and have a production RESTapi built in Express Server. Often I prefer to pipe data into a dashboard with a 'serverless' style deployment strategy by running the queries via Python script with AWS EC2, this way they are scheduled on a time increment via cron job and push a CSV of data to an S3 bucket for the app to fetch. This ensures that the database is not hit with each page load as multiple users can view the same data simultaneousy. Additionally, I will use Python (or JavaScript) to interact with external APIs, and my latest deep dive has been using Python and Selenium webdriver to scrape and wrangle data from various sources, checking for SSL certificates and other security warnings for clients using my company's SaaS platform.

Front End

Exp 7 years

Back End

Exp 3 years

Data Analytics

Exp 2 years

Programming Languages

Have you ever had a bad experience with an app and thought to yourself "I can build a better app than this!" You can! At least, I can, and did! While it's now easier than ever to build your own website using a pre-built template, if you want something custom, bespoke, and made especiallyfor you without spending thousands of dollars, you may need some help learning the ropes! Maybe you're like me and want to learn on your own? Or have an idea for the next disruptive app that's going to change the world? Contact me and let's talk about it!

To the right you can see some of the program languages I use and work with regularly. While it's been a long road since learning to build my first website by watching YouTube videos in 2010-2011, the technology of the web has changed a lot! Most good websites have been updated several times since then to allow for mobile responsive layouts, more user interaction (and more JavaScript), and faster load times all the while including more and more media content. Getting the right training in person at DU, and staying on as a teacher assitant has made all the difference to help me stay sharp on the latest technologies, and share what I know with new developers and analysts.

Adobe Suite

Other Related Experience

Work History

I've made many stops along the way to becoming a developer and data analyst. I caught the tail-end of the real estate boom in 2006 and worked as mortgage broker in DC before moving West, and have worked in Academic Recruiting and as a French speaking account Manager for Crocs Footwear in Boulder. When the economy was at a low in 2011 I shifted gears and started working with non-profit organizations, and started teaching youth and adults. I taught languages (French, English), tutored High School students, and eventually becoming a yoga teacher, building websites all the while. Contact me for more info or to download my full resume.


2005 - 2012
Having worked in sales for a variety of different industries including real estate, home improvement, fitness, travel etc. I know how to communicate, ask the right questions, and keep an audience captive with engaging presentations and content.


2007 - present
Non-profits do so much to support our local communities, and some have very few resources at their disposal. I continue to volunteer my services to those in need in support of the greater good

Music & Art

1996 - present
I've been playing in bands since I was 14. Drums, Percussion, Bass, Guitar, keys and MIDI, music production with Ableton Live and multi-track recording - you name it! I've also built several band and music related websites.

Yoga & Fit

2011 - present
As a yoga teacher and former fitness professional, I taught over 1,000 classes with Corepower Yoga in the Denver Metro area. Many of my private clients have also been fitness instructors.

COVID-19 Data Visualization - Tableau Workbook

Using Tableau and the Microsoft Bing COVID-Tracker Dataset I've put together several data visualizations and maps to track the spread of Covid-19 in the USA as well as globally. While the data set is updated nightly, these dashboards (on Tableau's public servers) are updated manually while I work on building a Web Connecter to automate the data updates. The tabs at the top of the visualizations let you navigate each one, and the first storyboard explains the objectives, data source, and offers a more detailed Analysis.

Full Stack Portfolio

Click the images to see a larger version of each thumbnail image, with links to github repository, deployed application, or stackblitz interactive codepen (where applicable). You can also toggle which ones are visible using the links below. Note that some marked as 'FareHarbor' are secure production web applications - only screenshots are included, but sensitive data is blurred out. Feel free to contact me for code samples.

Web Design Portfolio

For posterity, you can see images of some of the websites I built as a freelancer from 2011 - 2017(ish). These are images only as these sites are no longer active.


Please reach out to me connect about data, websites, volunteer help, or other opportunities. You can also use the links in the footer to find me on social media, or visit my github profile.